Creative Cocktails and Blends

Is social distancing, or simply doing the same old thing day after day starting to peg the boredom meter for you?

Today I’ll share with you a few “secret” recipes incorporating your favorite Matanuska Brewing Company beers and our sister company Wild North Beverage Company ciders and seltzers to liven up your beverage enjoyment at home. Keep in mind these are just a few of the possibilities for you to expand your home bartender mixologist skills. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Let’s get started!

Wild North Cider Ideas

Though refreshing on their own in a pint glass over ice, every one of our  four cider flavors make amazing mixers with a variety of higher octane alcohol.
Try a shot of vodka with the CranApple, Dark Cherry, or pineapple.
Apple flavored whiskies and rums are great with the Apple as well as the pineapple.
Spiced rum is a favorite with the pineapple.
Experiment and enjoy!

Wild North Seltzer Ideas

Again, just on the rocks is a palate pleaser but adding vodka to the pineapple, raspberry, wild berry, or mango absolutely bumps up the flavor fun meter for a change of pace. Try any flavored vodka, or just use your favorite brand.

Matanuska Brewing Company Beer Ideas

Backcountry Blue Blueberry Ale in a glass of ice with a shot of fireball is a treat that is actually on the menu at several bars as “Blue Balls.
1.5 -2 ounces poured right in this ale tastes like a blueberry pie with cinnamon crust!
Another popular bar menu item is the “Adult PB&J”. Blend Backcountry Blue with Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey for this “comfort food“ treat. Don’t scoff…it tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
Snow Bike White American Wheat is amazing with fireball!  This one is a favorite “hair-o-the-dog” choice on the Kenai Peninsula.
Next, try these beer blend treats:
Deep Powder Porter with Blueberry Ale
Snow Bike White with Blueberry Ale
Long Track IPA with a splash of Blueberry Ale is surprisingly good as well.

In  short, let your imagination run wild and mix and match to find your own killer cocktail or brilliant beer blend. It’s like art…become an artist of ales!

Matanuska Brewing Company brews an incredible array of beer styles and Wild North Beverage Company’s ciders and seltzers are booming in popularity! All of these fine Alaska brewed craft beverages can be found at restaurants bars, brewpubs, and liquor stores throughout the state. If you don’t see them where you shop, ask for them! You deserve it!

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