It’s Porter Time!


What is a porter and from where did this style emerge?

The original English porters were created before roasting drums enter the beer brewing world and were first brewed without any black malt but rather from a blend of roasted malts like chocolate malt. Black Malt soon became the preference for the dark color and rich flavor it offered and was produced using much higher temperatures accomplished by the utilization of roasting drums. This was originally the common man’s beer rumored to have been created from small breweries in ale houses blending different balances of freshly brewed beer, aged beer, and strong beer. The Name Porter was adopted for this beer because of the immense popularity among the porters in England who carried goods around the city.  They were the working class looking for an inexpensive option that appealed to a wide range of tastes.

Porters are toasty and nutty and sometimes have caramel notes with little to no hop flavor and balance ranging from slightly malty to slightly bitter. Often there is even an espresso finish to this style without even adding coffee.

Interestingly, the popularity of this beer coincided nicely with the commencement of the Industrial Revolution. Businessman built massive breweries with large roasting drums and fermenters to provide this very versatile brew to the masses. Porters offered sturdiness on one hand and drinkability on the other. This popularity that England’s Porter style beer enjoyed lasted into the 19th century. Restrictions on industry use during the first world war drove production of porter down along with the increase in popularity throughout Europe of Pale Ales and Pilsners also Stout, were catching on for those wanting a dark beer and Brown Ales emerged as regional favorites. By the early 1940s, Porters all but vanished in England. Fortunately, a few East Coast breweries picked up the Porter style and it has now blossomed once again at the hands of microbreweries. Today, you can usually find a craft beer brewed in the Porter Style at quality local breweries.

Matanuska Brewing Company’s Deep Powder Porter’s smooth, malty sweetness melds with roast, cocoa, and caramel flavors to make this glide across your tongue like a skier through waste deep powder. Dark and delicious, this one’s a hit! At 6.9%ABV and a mere 15 BUs, this dark and delicious beauty hits the spot! Deep Powder Porter Can be found in restaurants, brewpubs, bars, and liquor stores throughout the state of Alaska. Once again if you don’t see our palate pleasing Porter in your neighborhood liquor store, ask for it… It will be the only Porter you’ll ever want!

Remember…Only drink craft beer brewed in Alaska and always  “MAKE IT MATANUSKA”

(Our full line of Matanuska Alaska Craft Beers are available in restaurants and bars throughout the State of Alaska and can be purchased in almost every retail liquor outlet.  If you don’t find it at your neighborhood liquor store, be sure to ask for it.  CHEERS!

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