Love Our IPAs

We at Matanuska Brewing Company,  like many Alaska beer drinkers,  love our IPAs (India Pale Ale).

But just what is an IPA?

The story of India Pale Ale is one of the more interesting ones in the history of beer. At the height of its empire, Britain had emmigrants, sailors, and troops all over the world, with India being one of its most important outpost. All demanded beer. But India itself was too warm for brewing so to meet that need, London Brewers who supplied ale to these warmer locales learned through experience that the voyage to India could be tough on perishable beers and came up with a solution.

George Hodson, a London Brewer in the late 1700s, used his connections with the East India Company to dominate the export market to the colonies. Among other beers,  Hodgson exported a strong pale ale. It was probably brewed with extra hops and at higher alcohol levels, both of which have the effect of preserving ales. The long voyage transformed the beer into a wonderful drink.

But Hodgson overreached his ability to supply and that opened the door to the Brewers of Burton-On-Trent in the English Midland. The Pale Ale coming from the Trent Valley tasted far better than London brews because its hard water produced a brighter ale with a pleasing and refreshing hop character. Burton brewmaster Samuel Allsop succeeded in brewing one of exceptional quality. It displaced the London beers and become the preferred export to the English colonies. This came to be known as India Pale Ale,  or IPA.

Matanuska Brewing Company produces a full lineup  of IPAs.

Our flag ship beer, Long Track IPA at 6.7% ABV and 55 BUs, is a delicious, well-balanced, unfiltered beer that hits the spot all year long and is a favorite with any meal.

For the malt lovers, we have Pack Raft Red IPA. With 7.2 ABV and 65 BUs, this beer packs a punch. The sweet malty richness perfectly balances the additional hops. This pairs beautifully with a bourbon or scotch to really warm the soul.

Next in the lineup is our Grapefruit IPA. This crisp and delicious IPA is a summertime favorite but  is enjoyed year round and weighs in at 6.4% ABV and 55 BUs. Though all of our IPAs are delicious on their own, this one pairs perfectly with any salad or breakfast dish.

Last but not least comes our newest creation. Astro Phuzz Hazy IPA is 6.4% ABV and 45 BUs. This cloudy, fruity, East Coast Style IPA takes your palate all the way across the country without even boarding a plane!

These quality craft brews can be found throughout the State of Alaska at restaurants, bars, and retail liquor stores.  Look for them at your favorite neighborhood beer retailer and if they don’t carry it yet, ask for it!  You deserve it!

Matanauska Brewing Company is located in downtown Palmer, Alaska with two brewpubs in Anchorage, Alaska and one in Eagle River Alaska. Always choose Alaska craft beer and when you do, “Make it Matanuska”!

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